Moments when...
you're surprised by 
one more thing
in this life

Moments you never expect before

Or yet.
Everything passed by.
Without you even realize.
Or figure out...
what happen
where are you at
what you just missed
and even you're like 
"How did I go?" "How can I pass it?"
How did you do to make what you're now

As that fast. You're so confuse.

But, you have no one to ask

But, there's One

who watch you, know exactly what happen to you
smile gently, there
looking at you as lovely creature
waiting you there
like all the time
calling you softly
waiting for you..

You just need The One in this life.
to hug you
to take away your thirst
to fill you full
Can you hear Him?
Can you feel Him?
And... can you believe him?

He keeps waiting
Till you realize
He always be waiting for you
Even when you hurt Him
Jesus Christ keeps call your name
With smile. With the best affection.

Answer it.

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