Mom: What's wrong with your neck?
Me:Mom, please. Ive told you this morning. But you don't even notice -_-
Mom: You want me to massage?
Me: Silent. *Actually I was thinking how it would be so damn hell. Because, is masseur will do that or it's just my Mom that's is so strong?*
Mom: Okay *then my Mom directly did it like I just said yes-_-*
a moment ... then I scream loudly till all over the world could hear me
Me: Ok Ok Stop this. Please, I can't stand
Then I get up to avoid her, because my Mom was like... 
doesnt act like she wants to stop. Yet. Even tighter-_-
Then my Mom said: That's what you want. But, notice it will last about weeks. 
Dang! Kill me now
A week like this? It's not holiday. At all.
It's a way goes to hell.
Ohmigod, what's worse than this?
I mean, when I have to just looking left-right or back side
I must do like rotating my body all over.
Can't you imagine? Like my neck doesnt have any joint or sumthing
My neck feels so darn stiff and unmovable.
Because when I move left-right-behind even just a bit, It torture me.
Ohya! You know what makes me like this?
Blame my project of physic!
As I'm the editor,
and our deadline is over so I need to hurry this project.
Ghani? He delayed do this task, and so despiteful
Doni? He... doesnt even care -_- 
So I found myself got those all over. Err.
Is that fair? I work on it almost entire of the project.
But nevermind, You both lucky because now, I guess I learn something.
What I learn from this project instead of physic... is like I hold the bag :"
Well, when you're in the group, you need to be tolerant.
But, notice that, people in the team must be understanding too.
I mean, that's a lesson of life man. You can't be selfish.
well, I'm a bit dissapointed in the beggining,
let's say they took their role -_-
I don't count it.
But, I'm proud to show my editing to Mr. Bakti Sumoko Aji.
This is a worth lesson, sometimes, people forget it huh?
But well, Hope this is worth :)

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