For me,
It feels sorest
I dont know exactly 
what you guys are thinking, 
when facing your giant
I mean those probes are definitely must be occurred in your life
It's a way from God to make us to be better
I know we are not prohibited to feel sad
But, I just want to tell
that you must be grateful
What we are talking about now is you are ready or not
So, when something happen to you
Don't ask why this is happening...
It's a dead loss
But, How can we pass it
No one can deny, facing that probes are beyond our control
I mean, it's closely impossible for someone to know 
what they exactly feel if they're in hard prob
And, just right now, I'm feeling this
Haha Idk exactly what I'm gonna feeling 
when that moving on must becoming to let go phase
Well, you know sometimes we have moved on...
but not let go
I don't find any words best describe my feeling to him
But, it feels different
can't be easily to be gone, replaced, even forgotten
I'm trying my best, but there's not pretty much good move
You see how I'm trying, Well yes, it hurts
But, you know what?
I hurts the most when she/he don't even care
When you're trying to forget all,
he did it without even trying
Let's say I'm stupid.
I've been thinking bout it pretty much.
I've never been this way before, but then I believe
All feelings I gave devoutly has been counted by God.
It's not about shame on whoever
It's about what do you really feel.
I'm grateful feel this pain,
I'm grateful to have been realized
I'm grateful cause God give me something 
to admire yet that feeling worth.
I know, a day on tomorrow, whenever it is
I will hurt by him
cause If he doesn't hurt me,
I will not move on and even less let go
The question is,
Am I ready or not. Like I said...
It's beyond my control
just let it be :"
So, let's say in other words
I give up, give my heart to be hurt but I believe I will the better one :)

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