as busy as a bee

Hai bloggers! I em yew all <3
It's been a long time since the last time I posted
Hm, a year is  a long time! *hypeeerbole*
But really, somewhat later, I get busier as a bee
Well, I'm on my way to catch my future!
I was thinking when I found my self just got a "brain-drop"
I'm kinda have wasted my time, lately
In the past I got academic achievement
But, in sudden they're gone to some where
God take it... 
But, it's fixed time!!!
Because regret is pointless, 
so it's never be too late be better, huh?
My Master right now is : bee
Yeup, they only have 3 weeks life span
What do you think suppose we're them guys?
work-shy and enjoying life, huh? 
Or perhaps we can only blame God?
but they dont. They exactly work work wooork and 
work like they never got tired
Whereas, they work to build their nest hmm
Humanely, we deem it seems like wild-goose, pointless, no result
With a short life span, 
why does bee work work and work?
they perhaps don't know.... *can you ask? LOL* 
for whose sake they work for?
But, that's the way of them to give something for us
We have to produce sumthing for people...
people you love, sorround you, moreover everyone!

So, let's be as busy as bee!
FYI, life of bee is soo much interesting. Google it and Surprise yourself ;)

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