Well guys, I've been busy at school 
well it isn't better than holiday but really ... I think this is my time to repair those messed I've done 
U kno, when you feel like you're the biggest  losers in this world that mess everything
And I made some resolution yaa say it's lyk doing a strecth upon what I've done in the past
It was really sucks I even cant believe I've been so sucks
But I believe the past doesn't effect any big deal when you have realized it and wanna get instropection to make it better
well those things are:
like, my insomniac case. I know it hampers my good target
It's lyk I wanna cure myself but what I have done is nothing without intentions itself
So, now I've braced up myself then guess what?
Yea, my posting about healing insomniac is working well!
And fyi I pray for this. God absolutely hears me then he meddled with my problem
I can see his wonderful way, either it's blessing in disguise
And else, which my score definitely dropped.
I don't want it since Mama has worked hard just for me till sacrifice herself 
Then I wanna repair it. You know, I hate to be those bitch which only wants popularity.
 I seem like just take those update thing without realize that It's not me
So, I decide to prevent those things that hamper my future by ...
hmm maybe sounds like depressive but that's the only way that work for me
Honestly I hate to change, but if it is required, why not?
Like preventing twitter, stop taking contributions that unimportant,  stop thinking about getting relationship.
And I need to focused on God.
It's like I just realize that I just rely on my ability, when It should be pnly God
it's only God that make every possible thing in my life :')
Then I do some private pray every morning to get closer to Him
I don't want to forget this main thing anymore. It's like I was fail even those lucky things had been given to me by Him
God has been so kind....

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