Cruel you!

How I never expect before,
What I posted in this site is originally made by me!
I don't use any translator like Google Translate or another fucking tool
OMG hey you how can you judge me in that way?
What's the prove? I want to clarify that I never use that kind of thing to post my blog!
Even if I don't know what word is it.... I used mixing Language
Maybe you can judge my grammar sucks or blahblah
I do admit it! But, using Google Translator? Hey Watch Your Damn Mouth!
Don't Judge Me If you don't know what actually happens!

Woy coba deh yang sering ngatain gue, 
lo pikir pake otak gaya ngomong gue emang sama kaya di Google Translete?
Think about those shit that you have given to me!
Well, how fool are you can't differ it! HA to the HA 
But still that's a kind of me :} I  made it just for you all ...

Hey You stalker of my blog, kurang baik apa gue sama lo?

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